Tuesday, August 8

The Flip Side

The hunt for Bridezilla.....

As i return from Brian Head, UT and NMBS #something, i am faced with the fact that i must attend to the flip side of my life. I am planning in two months what most people take, oh, 15. A wedding is to be had on October 15, strategically placed between the Fall Classic in Big Bear and the Cal State Final in Castaic. Oh please, let the road rash and bruising be minimal! I also was "awakened" to the fact that most of my time goes like this: sleep, ride, stretch, eat, eat, eat, work, sleep. So Jason and i are going to the movies tonight. Maybe i will even fix my hair...nah.

BRIAH HEAD RECAP: My heart was palpating a bit too much and it actually hurt in my little chest cavity. i was really hot most of the weekend while others were doning arm warmers and parkas. The decents were death where i ran/fell/threw myself down faster than actually riding. I nailed it on the climbs and flats (big ring Uncle Greg) but as soon as i dropped onto the single track, the girls i had caught would show up again. Thats ok though, i eeked out a 5th place, having dropped back to 7th for a bit. I was polite to everyone and had an awesome time. Still however, the trash talking resumes and rumors are spread. thats ok though, i have Pet to take care of my problems. SHort track was a 6th place, ok for the day. The worst part ever of the whole weekend was the drive home. My nerves were twinging with Vegas traffic as i assumed most everyone was nearly inebriated or excessively short of sleep, making their attention spans and fortitude in the heat very low. Trevor was my guide for the weekend and thanx to him, we made if back over Cajon without a glitch.

Teri, this one's for you!
So since i am getting ready for wedding and all, i have to buy shoes and stuff. I decided to see how the pedicure/manicure thing works, so it wouldnt be a shocker the day before the event. Oh what a shocker it was non-the-less. There was for sure no english to be had, and i think they were talking about the excessive bruising on my shins and calves. The only other clients were two males getting pedicures, one attaining hot pink polish, because why not! I tried to leave because i thought she was done, but oh no, one more coat to go honey. far out, i dont think i can take these things off with needle-nose pliers! How will i fix my chain? What if a twig gets stuck under there? WAH!

(those really aren't mine) i also cracked and bought some over-priced BOOK of wedding non-knowledge. Why do i care if that dress cost $4,800 plus a limb?


laura said...

If you want, i can try to find the contact info for the dress broker who got me the dress I really liked from that one place (where you really liked a different dress) for 1/4 of the cost.

Alternatively, did you know that J. Crew does wedding stuff????

Not too shabby!

Teri said...

I love the nails experience recap, "Honey"!!!

Oh with time you will become dependent on those plastic little wrenches extending from your fingertips, you'll see that they help you get into little tiny crevices on your bike...

unless you make your uber-mechanically-inclined husband do all the work for you while you watch, crying that you don't want to break a nail :)

Welcome to the club!

Love ya!