Saturday, August 19

Random, quite

This is what i drive down into every day going to Redlands. See that line in the sky? I wonder if it has caloric value.

These are Jeremy and Suzanne's pets in Colorado. Glacier, Sherpa, and Coho. They even have a sled to pull on the snow and a wagon to pull on the road!! Jason wants to breed one with Dozer to create the Bulsky, the most powerful dog ever with phenomenal endurance and very odd looking fur.

Santas Workshop

I became quite bored tonight, sad for the last saturday night of summer, school starts on monday! So i stripped down the sugar and spit shined it. Got a flat to fix on the 9.8 and Hulda Crooks dirt to remove. I will maybe clean the roadie up a bit, gotta take her out for a spin tomorrow!


I REALLY took stuff apart! I think it will ok though. There was dirt from here to Vermont stuck in that thing, so it needed to be done. Uncle Greg is looking at this and freaking out. Dont worry, if it gets real bad, i will get some help!

Enthusiastically Participating

Somehow i convinced Jason to go to Doheney State beach with me and a bunch of the 11th graders and their parents today. A great time was had by all.

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