Saturday, May 20

Parting thoughts

The bus is packed, i found the Ez-Up, i rode my bike today. Actually, today Jason and i went to church and we met Olympic Track Cyclist Johnny B who flipped over the side in 2000. HE was talken to the kids. THis pushed my ride to 1:40 pm perfect for bad-weather training. I did hill repeats at Crafton, where i could hardly see the wash from the top. So now i am happy to head to the coast.

I am most stressed about not racing in Big Bear tomorrow. It is only 45 minutes from my house, and very doable, just not on the docket. I will go through withdrawls of not seeing all my homies for another week.

Dozer had a visit from his little brother! The breeder lives down the street and they send up a loaner from time to time. This one is a male, maybe Posiedon. Hard to believe The Pet was once that small!

So i look silly, but when do i not! Question of the day: IS my tiny pony longer or shorter than James Cross's?
Here is the cut girls (and boys) i even bought "product" with it to keep it healthier!! I also didnt even have to fix it!
Have a delightful week. I will try to keep my post-trip blog short. i might have to skip it altogether because i know there will be a lot of drama!!!


Christie said...

the hair looks great!!! welcome to the *product* club!

placeholder said...

Cute! You clean up real nice, who knew?