Friday, May 19

Unwilling Hiatus

The time has come to truly punch the time clock. This coming sunday morning, i will be leaving at 5:30am for a Biology trip up the California coast. I have the dubious distinction of being the co-sophomore class sponsor, yes, i know i am pretty important. This class is going on the annual bio trip, and i just have to go to. This will be my first experience of being the adult chaperone. In the past, i just bothered those types and caused them trouble. I guess this is some sort of rite of passage into teacher adulthood.

The trip will take us up to Monterey, in a yellow school bus (travel time approx. 12 hours) where we will be camping until Friday morning. I love to camp, get dirty, live on the edge. THese children, however, have all been bred in the IE, making them prime candidates for that step-mom to be in the PARENT TRAP. i know we are going whale harpooning, i mean watching. THen we will hit up the aquarium for a special behind the scenes pass and classes. We will wander up to Santa Cruz for some Sea Kayaking and who knows what else. I know that the farthest we will head is San Fransisco for a day at the Exploratorium. Rumor has it that it will be raining sunday through tuesday. awesome.

So i am totally stressed about riding. There is no time in my life to take a week off of training. I wont start running, that is something you do in November, on big piles of fall leaves and twigs. Not when you are prepping for certain events. I have almost bribed them to let me take my road bike and a trainer. This means i will be up at about 4:30am everyday so that i can get in at least an hour on the bike before wake-up call at 6am. I am not sure where exactly i can ride the thing. Probably in the campground bathrooms. At least it is dry and lit. Oh, we also have to use quarters for the showers.

i am stressed to leave the internet behind too. There are so many races, events, blogs, and googles that will be missed! I will have to take an entire day when i get back just to get caught up on things!!

I also lost about 2 pounds, OFF MY HEAD!! I cut off probably 10 inches of hair today. It had been about 11 months since my last cut at SuperCUts, so this time i went to an actual stylist who was shocked at the sheer size of my mane. So no more pig-tail braids or one long braid. But you will still be able to spot me, just look for the Pinata!!

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Teri said...

Dear Joy ... I AM STRESSED about you leaving the internet behind!!! What am I going to READ while you are away?!?!?

Maybe you could motorpace the yellow school bus on the way there...oh wait, 12 hours to Monterey? Sounds like the bus could use a draft off of YOU!

I can't wait to see your hair!