Monday, May 1

Total Geek

I am SO the first one to do a Firestone Update! What's up now?!?!

I think i will have to keep this one short. We went, we saw, we conquered...and I DIDN'T BREAK ANYTHING!!!!!!

Alas, placing me at the top of the podium! Unfortunately, nobody ever wants to go to the podium with me, but i promise there were other girls in my cat!!

THE RUN DOWN: First off, Christie opened yet another can and landed herself a 4th place finish 35 seconds back from 2nd! It was really cool to watch things go down on the curvey course. When i was headed into a single track or around a corner, the pros were heading out (meaning there was SEVERAL minutes between) But it was awesome to see my girls and where they were all lined up. All the usual suspects were there: Meggan, Teri, Mandy, Carolyn, Tomorrah, Sami, Amy and then some wild card chicks getting ready for Fontucky.

I thought for sure that i was runnin for 2nd the whole race, but the Sandbagger i thought was ahead was actually a Pro, leaving me in 1st. I managed to lead the experts for the better part of both laps. However, i seem to hit the wall at times. THis is the longest race i have done at 31 miles. I know, you endurance freaks think i am a Powder Puff, but this is a lot to get used to. The pros went off way too fast, it was all i could do to hang onto the very tail end. When i realized I was out in front of the experts, however, that gave me a little extra motivation.

Bev Chaney from Rouring Mouse caught me and worked together for most of the second lap, with me in the lead. We caught up to Velo Bella Pro Sami and we all started to work. Once Bev took the pull however, i realized i couldn't hold on. I think she finished about 30-60 seconds ahead of me, or a bit more, which was fine. She is 40+ thus not a threat. Also, she gave me her cytomax! We came across a giant bull in the trail and i was so afeared i dropped my bottle and kept going! This was right at the start of the 2nd lap, and surely i would have been toast if she hand't hooked me up!

Sami and played yo-yo for a bit, but i just couldn't keep it going. The trail was super rough, like a wash board, and my fork was way too reactive, thus the vibrations were going all through my body. This actually made me really sick to my stomach and it kept sloshing things around. Sami told me to pick it up, but i thought i was just going to throw it up! So i backed off a little knowing i was rolling in with no other experts too close.

In the end, Bev was the only expert ahead of me and I had passed one pro.
Super props to Essence Barton though, she always keeps me on my toes. AS a 14 year old she raced up an age group to be my competition of the day. She is on it, and in the near future, you will be seeing a lot more of this chick!

Firestone was great. The vibe was good, the venue was beautiful, and the course had little to complain about. Finally bike and body decided to unite and bring home a little bling, or shall i say a big glass mug.

Jason celebrated his 26th birthday on Sunday with Uriah and Dozer in tow!

Now the goal is to get tires that are not so HUGE that they rub on the frame, and everything else!

See yall at Fontucky!

RANDOM THOUGHT: Teri Strayer really needs to get a blog. She is quite funny and entertaining, and has A LOT TO TALK ABOUT! Everyone else has some sort of web-momento, so she should too! IF you agree, please make a comment to that affect and we will see if she bites!


Isabelle said...

Great report Joy! Thanks for being so awesome, congrats on your win.

Veeze Price said...

no mechanicals.. on the podium..
good job