Monday, April 24

In Case You Didn't Know...

THIS IS THE CRANK...The hole down on the right is where the little pedal goes (The explanation is especially for you, Julene)

Me, holding the crank that wouldn't stick, right after the race.

PS: I KNOW I DO NOT MATCH!! PLEASE DO NOT MOCK ME!! i actually think it is funny. Jose Ole hasn't received their Mtn Bike Kits yet, i guess they are a compilation of yellow, purple, and black, so i must pimp the other sponsor HAMMER NUTRITION which only comes in Red. Gotta Love it! They are very comfortable, and thats what it is all about!


grifsmum said...

Thank you for the's nice to be ignorant:-)


Veeze Price said...

Good job girl for not given up.mechanicals suck! Cya at Southridge