Tuesday, April 18

Aw, MAN!

MY BIKE IS DIRTY and broken!! The details of which i am not at the liberty to share. They are both the result of some race preriding on a specific course that, as of sunday, sucks. But if i were to state the ins and outs of said course, people may find out what is really wrong with it which in turn could benefit them on the actual race, thus acting against me. I will divulge my secrets after the fact.

In the meantime, i have to go get a tooth on my chainring bent back to where it should be. Little monster.

SUPER BUSY DAY: Kidding! Here at school we are adminstering the CAT6 tests. Since i have no classroom, i am *stuck* not proctoring any tests. Today, i walked from class to class taking hot lunch count. We are having spaghetti today. Too many carbs for me....Then i had to help in a classroom where the sub could not figure out how to select a specific scene on Romeo and Juliet. good thing he didnt play #13 instead of #14, the 9th graders would have been subjected to a bare butt....

Then i put some jerseys in the dryer and now i am about to fail some girls on yesterdays mile. It took them 19:38 minutes!!! I cant WALK it that slow.

I may actually go for a little road ride today. I will choose to fly solo while trying to avoid the Tuesday Nigh National Championships where racers/riders/tuesday night warriors from all over the world, no, Inland Empire, come to throw down. Ok, so i cant talk any smack because i have only seen them once, heard of them a billion times though, usually with some funny story or quarter second wins on a Sunset hill climb.

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