Wednesday, April 5

Some Photos


RACE FLASHBACK: MAMMOTH NATIONALS - SEPTEMBER This was an awesome day on the bike and a great weekend, the perfect thing to focus on before going up to Sea the rain.
REDLANDS CLASSIC...CHECK OUT THE NEW COLORS my actual kit should be here in about a month, hopefully!!! But the helmet matches, and that is very important


One of our high school boys went to Costa Rica for spring break. He got stung by a Sting Ray. He also already got stung by a one in Laguna at our school picnic day. Coincidence. I guess some local Costarican put a banana on his foot. THis banana came STRAIGHT out of a piping hot FRYING PAN. the spot on his foot from the Ray is very small. The 2nd Degree burn on his foot is huge.


I go to grad school. Enough said there, but sometimes the people you end up with really arent conducive to what you want to be getting done. Nobody wants to drive to Riverside after a long day with children to sit in a class of teachers-to-be that lament about Shakespeare and tuition costs, literally. I got stuck next to the only other PE guy who kept talking about my shoes. Yes i wear these Sauconys to work, no my feet do not get hot, yes they cost a bit of cash. Duh, they are shoes, you should not teach PE in anything else. He also wanted me to give him $70 for the book that he would buy sometime for me, although i needed it right then, not at class today, but he really wanted me to give him the money. Like i walk around with that kind of cash.

The jeep is SUPPOSED to be done today, on its 8 week anniversary of being GONE. we will see how that ends up, and the ulcer it has created for me...

Sea you all at Sea Otter!

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