Saturday, April 1

Off to the Races

The day has finally come - the season shall begin. With much anticipation, i pack my gear and spit-shine my Sugar. My OCD behavior returns as I pack Tupperware after Tupperware with cottage cheese and veggies; plain yogurt and spices; an omlette; some pre-cooked oatmeal. You see, we are headed to the Boonies, bring your-own-everything race, Sagebrush Safari it sounds so romantic, so adventerous. I have never been to this venue, thus starting off the Season of Firsts the first Cal State race, the series that runs all the way through October. This race will also act as a warm-up and jitter-buster for the Ominous Sea Otter next weekend.

To start things off with confidence, i PIMPED-MY-RIDE!! I got an assortment of upgrades from SRAM X.O shifters to a new bottle cage. I am sure this will allow me at least 30 seconds of an edge. Then it will all be up to me. Thanx to the mechanic...

With a new season also comes new KITS. Since i was late to re-join Team Jose Ole, my kit will also be late. ETA is Fontana Nationals, but you never really know with these things. Until then, i will sport the old Orange or a loaner-mens Medium jersey and stellar black shorts!! I just spent too much time trying to upload some photos from the Redlands Classic, but photoblogger is rebelling against time.

I was also going to post some photos of Dozer, of course!! He has finally grown large enough to fit into a LEATHER STUDDED collar! You will love it, and be afraid!

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Julene said...

Go hard sis, wish we were there to help cheer you on! It's wet, rainy and great for playing rugby here:-)

Love you,
Julene and her boys