Sunday, March 26

Wiggly Nerves

SPRING BREAK: First off, the NUMBER ONE bonus of being a super cool teacher is VACATION!!! I have the whole week to do everything that i havent done since Christmas. Awesome.

NON-TRAINING RIDES: Sometimes i get a bit lax in my understanding of where i am going for a ride. Since i began these crazy group rides, it is all i can do to get into my shorts and arrive on time. SOmetimes i even forget food and the such, rarely will i give any thought as to where we will go.

Saturday morning found me floundering once again to find stuff and follow Christie's wheel. We hit up the Rotary Ride in connection with the Redlands Classic and we picked the 60 miler. I should have known when Jon Reth gave me the look, and the laugh, and said "come on Joy". The rest is ancient history of too tall hills and miles that sent the heart rate up. Like who was the demon who got those private landowners over on that Smiley road to open it up?! Gosh! It was a good ride though, very good.

THE CRIT: The past few days i have had a wiggly stomach. I finally realized that it was due to the fact that i had to race today. I dont really count Boulevard as a race, just a "big training ride with really fast girls i dont know." So the last time i suited up was for the Fall Classic in October.

Today there were some goals:
1.) Warm-up on the trainer: CHECK
2.) Don't get Pulled out of the race: CHECK
3.) Don't let *someone* infront of me: CHECK
4.) Don't eat it: CHECK

However, near the VERY end, we got lapped. I dont care though. LAst year was a disaster of sorts on my part with getting dropped like in the first 100 yards and being pulled and really sucking.

But today, we were the CHASE GROUP! Much better than some alternatives i could think of. Also, as the excitment mounted, the announcer called out that whoever was crossed the line first for the CHASE group on the next lap, got some SNACKS!!! So i had to throw down! I ended up with TWO boxes of CHEETAH BARS!! i was SOOOOO excited. Also, they will make a great replacement for my CHeeto addiction! They sound the same, almost, yet are all natural fruits squished together in a block! Much better than processed cheese! (Christie, i know you are very proud of my improvement)

Christie and Teri Finished with the pack, good girls! Although Bev said she was able to take better pictures of me due to the MUCH smaller size of my group!! Yet another benefit for finishing behind all the crazy girls, more press!

EXCUSE OF THE DAY: "Well i havent ridden my bike in *(insert number here) months, i am just not up to par." Well, as you know, i only ride my bike 3 hours a week, so....

Also, BEWARE the trash talking!! It will almost always bite you, and when it does, that is not cool!!I know, we all do our fair share, but COME ON....

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Meggan said...

Way to go Joy! Wicked awesome job at the crit. Not bad for the 3hrs of training each week ;)