Tuesday, March 21

The Binge

I spend my life on the verge of OCD, leading me to binge on many a thing. I consistently forget to purge, however. I have begun eating large amounts of Cheetos in any form. My fav, today, are the Jalapeno Chedder ones, oh yum.

So my newest binge was lifting weights and going to the gym period. Since the days are rainy and long, i get to the gym by 5:30am, ride the bike there, then go to work. Then after work i go back to the gym to throw some weights around, must maintain my muscle status. But i always over do it, i cant get enough or seem to find the effort to stop going and pushing a bit too much.

JEEP: I am not really going to go there, but it has been gone for 6 WEEKS!!! Here is a rundown of what i could have really done with 6 weeks of my life:

Completed 2/3 of a quarter in grad school
Riden my bike from SF to Wash DC and at least half way back. In winter.
Gone through a complete workout cycle or phase in the gym
Most of the summer holiday would have come and gone

You see i have borrowed 4 different cars, two of which have died upon return to their owners. Suspect, i know. Then my hot water heater decided to leak, a lot all over the kitchen carpet. Whoever carpets a kitchen should have terrible things done to them.

Alas, there are lovely things about life. The 4 inches of snow that falls per night.
The fact that i teach pe which means i chat with jr high girls about boys, movies, tv, clothes, you know, all the things i care little about
I also get to play badminton with them and wear shorts, sweatshirts, and sneakers to work. Then on my lunch, i check blogs and the such.

Then there is always the Pet. He has a few extra names:
Snoop Doze
Snuggle Bunny
He comes to all of them, freak.
He also SUCKS on his new bed and whines as he sleeps. Sick sick dog. He's got some mama issues!

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Paige said...

so, i'll admit, Dozer is pretty cute.