Friday, March 10

Thanx, Girls!

And yes, there is about 3 inches of snow in Forest Falls


As you know, i lose everything. In the near past i lost the digital camera, which of course was awful. After tearing apart the house (where i found other things i had lost) and the car, and the office, nothing. But then the Girls Kaitlin and Mindy, cleaned the office on friday. YOu see, Kaitlyn is Jan's daughter who is my boss who shares our single-wide trailor/office together!! They found it!!!! This is a little shot they took of themselves!!

FONDUE: I promised you a picture.. Shelli, Heidi (the birthday girl) and me, duh

FLOODING: The flooded road that made me late to work a few weeks back

DESTRUCTOR: For Dozers birthday i gave him a little toy with feet, which he took off in about 32 seconds

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