Tuesday, March 7

Breaking the Trend

I know, it is not Sunday, so i am breaking the trend. I have a few other trends that i am working on breaking, like the reinstatement of everything 80's, but that will take time.

This is Koho and Glacier. Missing from the photo is Sherpa, the third Husky that belongs to Jeremy and Suzanne!! They are my brother and his wife from Colorado. Perhaps they will be racing at the national in Aspen, little Family Podium time! Jeremy is Cat 3, Expert Mtn, Suzanne has taken the year off to crash through nursing school, but usually hammers it out at the road races! They kinda run a team out there Blue Sky Velo which is pretty cool! It used to be Acme Racing.


Yup, thats Shelli and I on one of our HUGE very important Beginner races! Oh how things have changed!!!! That course was not my favorite by any margin and well i am glad it is at the end of this years racing season! I just remember climbing, climbing some more, then descending. THen we just did it again. This race got my feet wet for Sea Otter, which was much needed!Now i just have to find my cool Jose Ole half-hat in my closet again!! Hopefully, i can stand on the podium at this years Castaic race too!!

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Christie said...

you inspired me to update my blog today too!