Tuesday, March 14

Why is Hell so cold this time of year?

First off, i just wrote a killer blog, then the computer rebelled and turned off. man, karma or something.


As you all gaze up into the snow-capped mountains, or as you sat your your dinner table watching the hail fall and thinking of the wonder and heaven-like land up in the hills, YOU WERE WRONG!!!

And this is why

All the IDIOTS!!!

You see people who live in the mountains are smart, know what snow is, understand the physics and concept of ice and tires, and they wear boots. People who live down below, otherwise known as Flat LAnders, are dumb, and should stay below 2,000 ft or where ever the snowline is. THEY are the ones that made the winter wonderland into a cold, snowy, icy hell, run by CalTrans.

In the history of this place, mountain folk have never been required to chain up. THe gods of CHP and Caltrans took it upon themselves to make history this weekend, and enforce the chain law. Out of control. I had already borrowed an AWD Subaru, then had to borrow chains, which broke at 9pm when everything was closed and WalMart was soled out and then i drove to San Bern to get chains that were just a bit too big and when i was testing them the borrowed car dumped a pint of "something" on the driveway of someone i barely knew in high school.

So, i chained up, or cabled up, drove past the CHP over the hump in the road, pulled over, took the chains off and drove home easier than any snow storm last year!!!

To say the least, all cycling options were thrown to the wolves. I shoveled, A lot, hunted for chains under the house, under the bed, in the yard, never to be found.

Then we went sledding. THis should be a professional sport. We hiked through 1.5 feet of powder to a secret spot where the sledding was pristine.

Sled of choice: Target Boogie Board, sprayed with silicon. Awesome.

Dozer ran with every sled and beat most of them to the bottom. He also worked as a good pulling dog. Check them out:

Uriah, Jason and Dozer, ready to sled!
Jason "ridin the bull" check out Dozers ears!
Uriah, what more could a 7 year old want?
Getting a pull home in the snow

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laura said...

Reminds me of this 28-car pileup in Sausalito last week. A classic quote from a guy involved: "I thought it was raining. I didn't know it was snow because I've never experienced snow before."

NO ONE uses chains here in Nebraska - it's a ridiculous waste of time. You just drive slowly, take your turns really wide, and stay in the tracks of the guy ahead of you. You also approach intersections very carefully, expecting to see a couple cars go sliding through after their light has turned red.

Californians are in too much of a hurry to be safe drivers. Soon, they will be extinct and then us reasonable people can come back and reclaim the great climate for ourselves. :)