Sunday, March 5

Isn't it Ironic, don't you think?

Jason has a theme song for me. Its from the late 70's or early 80's, have no idea what it is actually called, but when i get in a tizzy, he just starts singing "ahhh, FREAK ou!!!" So I told Christie and Nicole about this on our way back from a delightful girl's brunch in Claremont (Christies bday) and then it CAME ON THE RADIO!!

You see i was having a near freak-out week.

TUESDAY: Mudslides in Forest Falls, couldn't leave because I HAD NO JEEP which could have made it across the debri in and THEN the little g-ride pickup truck i am borrowing ran out of gas, because, well i was probably freaking out.

WEDNESDAY: Lost, misplaced, whatever, my digital camera in either home/school/car/gym bag. yah, thats cool.

THURSDAY: I locked an unsuspecting Grandma in the girls locker room when we went outside to run the mile. She had to call the front office and inform them of her entrapment. That was awful. I was quite ashamed of my inappropriate behavior.

SATURDAY: Driving this loaner car and all, i forgot to turn the head-lights off when i got to GFE for our little group ride. When i returned over 4 hours later, the battery was excessively dead.

SUNDAY: I was 20 minutes late to Christies for our trip to Fontana to do some mountain biking. This is because, well, i am always late, and i left my leg warmers in my office, brilliant. Then, already on the 10, i blank and feel as if my cycling shoes were left at the house. Back at the house i find clarity and realize that they were snug in the back of Christies car the whole time. I must say, Christie has emense patience, and i will make a birthday oath to her to cease my tardiness...

Oh yes, on the way home, i re-chipped my front tooth. You see, in college i had an issue with my pavement driveway. I wasnt wearing a helmet (genious I know, i was just going to class..)which meant i split my forehead open, and my chin, and chipped the majority of my three front teeth out. Today, a big chunk fell off the right one, probably when i was eating a nerd rope. Now you can't tell from far away, but it probably looks grey or irridescent.

Is ONE YEAR OLD! It is his birthday today and we celebrated with an invigorating round of frisbee and wound cleaning. He can actually catch the frisbee in flight! At least he did once, but all the other times it just hits him in the face and we laugh.

His mom, the neighbor dog, if pregnant, so if you have been very jealous of my dog, you can buy your own.


Of course i got some excellent riding in this weekend! Finally back on track, but hurting. On the saturday ride i went to that place i have never really gone before, which lasted well into the ride, then abruptly stopped. Then i had to will my legs home. But at least that "place" is there, and attainable. Quite exciting actually.

Sunday was Fontana with Christie working on technical descents and those quick climbs. The weather has been very kind to the course, so go check it out quick before it gets too dusty!

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Christie said...

great update! You make me laugh (as usual!)