Sunday, February 26

Poor Pet, Part 2

DOZER got bit. Not by a rabid racoon or a saber-toothed squirl. But by Rot-mix up the street. There are two perfect puncture wounds. Not too deep, but not too shallow either. He whimpered all nights, his ego is probably hurt too. Maybe a trip to the vet on Monday.


"In the spring, by the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." This is posted outside the Fallsvale School in Forest Falls. Pretty much my new moto for life. I might as well adopt it since it is already a reality.


So, i guess when i go to SEA OTTER, i will be doing the Short Track event. So i hit up SOUTHRIDGE for the Short track race. There were 6 of us! Teri was the only other chick there, and Eddie Arnet (mountain bike action dude) led the pack. I ended up on the podium with him and some other experts, we were all put together. What a dream come true!

The race was really fun! Very low key, perfect for my first one. Teri and i hit up the XC course for a lap which of course was a lot of fun too! Lots of good technical decsents to work on, and i didn't eat it at all. Killer.

Funny thing is that i left my helmet in the woods, oops. Problem with being a mountain hermit is that when something is left at home, there is no retrieval until the evening. I have bought about 5 pairs of flip-flops because i go for rides before a day on the town, and then i have no shoes to wear. The last pair were pink with green alligators on them. Jason hates them. So i wear them every day.

I stopped by Shelli's house uber-early and bummed one off her. Now that is a true friend. She said the perspiration wouldn't be so bad because i have spit on her and snotted on her. This is true.


Everybody is sick, so sometimes i feel like i am too. So today i am going to grab some Airborne, Emergen-C, and garlic. You have to eat garlic when you feel ill, really. Mix it up with some fresh lemon and if you are really ambitious, put some cayanne pepper in there, and you will be fixed. True story!


I went to a fondue party last night. There was cheese and chocolate, all i would ever want in a meal. Hosted by Shelli and Tara, for Heidi R. This was pretty cool, end delicious! Fruit and vegetables for dinner and some fake meat (this was Loma Linda), very low-carb. Pictures to come!


Oh yes, we lost. But those girls from Calimesa are going to state Finals. Good work ladies. I will be cheering from my bike.


I broke up with my chiropractor because he made me hurt and hung me in one of those rack things. I also broke up with my massage lady because she sucked. And now, i went where i should have gone in December, to the wise physical therapist. Now i didnt actually go to my primary care physician, that would take about a month. I just dug into my friend pool and found Mr. Bennie - thank you Katrina for sharing your husband.

Word is my pelvis is tweaked and my sacro-iliac joint messed up and the hamstring insertion and glutes medius over worked. I just like to talk smart, no idea what i said, but i know what it feels like. THings are balancing out though and now it just hurts its not painful. Huge difference. I can tie my own shoes now and pick toys up off the floor. yippee!!

Happy riding!

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