Wednesday, February 15

Could i have some DRAMA with that, please?

FOR SALE: 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I won't tell you why, because then you won't buy it!! But really, if you have someone in mind or someone you don't particularly care for, tell them to buy my Jeep. I will throw in the bike rack for free! What a deal!

As you can see from the title of my post, my life has been encased with DRAMA. from the Jeep breaking down in Moreno Valley, waiting 2 hours for a freaky tow truck man (have you EVER ridden with a third shift tow-truck driver??????!!!!!!!) $120 to get the car to Redlands....UGH

STAND-IN: I have a really nice boss who has a really nice husband who has been letting me use his cars since last Wednesday. Here is the one i have is the car of my high school dreams, i always wanted this truck!!! But it is a three-on-the-tree meaning you have to shift on the steering column, something i had to have a driving lesson yesterday to figure out! I felt like i was 16 again.

BIKING: Pretty chill lately due to basketball playoffs and work and a lot of back pain. I did sneak in a ride at Fontucky during last weekends race, with Mandy Eakins and Carolyn Popovic, yet another daunting day on the bike. They are super cool though and we spent a large amount of our time cheering on the racers and scoring their wrecks. OF course everyone got a ten and a round of cheers.

CHARMS: Here at school, we have had a Korean exchange group here and one of the little girls hooked me up with a cell phone charm today! (Yes, that is my archaic phone...) The 8th grade girls and I decided to name her Tawanda after the character in Fried Green Tomatoes old school i know. We also have a running bet that She will be destroyed within a week.


Christie said...

hmm that looks like an ESRI building in the background of your car pic!!!

Sweet ride!

Cap'n said...

I am sooo jealous of that Bronco! That's when they actually ran out of town. Nice to know your bike won't let you down! Great news for you/Titus for the end of the season, eh? See ya Sunday!

Paige said...

I want that car!