Sunday, February 19

Finally, its WINTER


i always thought Dozer was white with a few coffee spots on him. But then it snowed. He now has a yellow hue, like he got peed on.

Yesterday he snuck off into the snow. Although he is not a jumper like others, he thinks he is a child and should be aloud to play with the neighborhood kids. He loves to chase the kids down the street on their sleds and maul them when they fall. But this time, he really snuck off. I was down the hill and got a phone call from the breeder (they live 2 houses down) that the other neighbors were with Animal Control and Dozer was in the truck. I FREAKED OUT! Then they told me he was actually riding in the FRONT seat with the Animal Control Lady, which is actually hilarious. He looks like impending doom, yet he is just a little snuggle bunny. I guess one neighbor called Animal Control on another one who starves their dog, leaves it tied up with no water, etc, and Dozer was just helping out. End of the long story was he spend the better part of the day IN THE SNOW and tied to his Dads chain outside their house. He was shivering at point, but he will recover, in like a month.

I bought a 4x4 so that i could safely manuver the trecherous mountain roads in the winter. Funny thing, when weather hits, the jeep is always in the shop. Oh the irony. I traded the Bronco for a little pickup, which is awful in the snow. So i stole the Subaru back from Jason for my trips down the hill. The chains are nowhere to be found, so first gear it is, slidding everywhich direction. There are huge "CHAINS REQUIRED" signs and very important CalTrans workers trying to inforce these rules. But I have a Subaru they think it is all-wheel-drive. ITS NOT!!! But i tell them it is, go on my merry way, and try not to run into things, pets, or people. Gotta love the sub.

Do you want my jeep????!!!!

I have been on leave from the bike, hopefully back on tomorrow. I am trying to tame my wild back before D-day in April. Things are working better, but not where they should.

After a hiatus and time with Backbone, i have gone back to the guys at Jose Ole. So once again i can work for CalTrans if i choose in the bright orange.

Griffyn turned 1 and my brilliant sister hooked him up with a "bike" GOOD GIRL!!!! He doesnt like his helmet, but that will come!

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