Wednesday, May 17

Ameture hour in the IE

I was riding a little bike in the IE the other day. Now this land-locked, dirty-air infested area has only a few mountain biking areas to moderatly speak of without climbing above the smog line. One lines right in the heart of Loma Linda, Hulda Crooks. I have run into many of you there, seen a few creatures, and taken a few falls. This ride however, i encountered a gaggle of extremely ameture riders. I have become accustome to playing catch up, talking less, breathing less, and overall just taking a beating. The case is far and few that i am the most proficient rider on the trail. This day, it was true.

These boys were scantely clad in wife(husband)-beaters, gym shorts, sneakers, and flat pedals. I think there were 6 of them, but they all seemed to be the same carbon copy of the Ken Doll 5'10" dirty blond hair, really straight teeth. I tried my best to pass kindly and circumvent them at all costs. But those of you who ride here know there is only so many trails to take, especially when i was out on my own. I ended up running across them about 5 times. I passed them, again, climbing up Jedi. I asked, are you guys like in some cool club or something?? Poor guy said "uhgh blah huh" so maybe that is a new club?

I let them all climb up, because i did not want to break up their rythem as they were climbing and i was decending in a very small canyon. They regrouped at the top and i instantly became their groupie. COme to find out they are dental students just blowing off steam. They are in John Reths class which meand they are in my Cousin Audrey's class which is like the coolest thing ever!! I asked them what the name of their "club" was, they said big fat losers or really slow guys. But no, these guys are hard core!!! It wasn't that long ago that i stopped, A LOT and whined and got hot and annoyed because the saddle hurt. As long as they just keep pushin it, they will be out at the next Cal State race in no time! Good work boys, or Ken Clones.

SNAKES: Christie mentioned on my previous post that i forgot about the snakes. Here we go. Christie has a HUGE aversion to these reptiles, once she got one stuck in her chain and rear cassette, not cool. As she, Jeremy, and i rode a long San Tim canyon, i glanced down just as my right pedal crassed inches above a coiled up baby rattle snake. Hmm, this will be fun.

We climbed up Oak Glen through Beaumont and as we were lazily pedalling down Bryant towards the Ranger Station, all chaos broke out. Jeremy was up ahead, then Christie and i was about a wheel length behind her. We were talking about who knows what and there was a car to our left. All of a sudden she slams on her brakes and starts to scream. I couldn't go left because then i would be in the side panel of a car. So i just hit her. Straight into the buttocks and then the left handle bar. i glanced through her and her bike to see a GIANT coiled up rattle snake in the road. If we had fallen, it would have been right on him!!! YUCKY!!! I just got the chillies thinking of it. We didn't fall however, and with much apologies, mostly for Jeremy because we were so sorry he had to ride with a bunch of Girlie Girls we continued on.

thats it.


Jeremy said...

Girlie Girls? I'll ride with any girl who can put a snake out of its misery and then pry it from the spokes of her mountain bike. If anything I found humor in the fact that the snake got the two of you all riled up. I'm just glad neither one of you went down because of it.

Teri said...

you said "So i just hit her". It's great to know you have friends that you can do that to!!! I'm still LOL.....

Christie said...

hahah! great recap!

julene said...

I remember one amaeture ride I took...just ONE and I came across a snake! I have never ridden more fast than on that day:-)