Saturday, October 29

Friend of the Week

This is Tiffany Harris. I chose her as my friend of the week for a few reasons. She is my little "sylvan" friend from way back in jr. high. Then we went to boarding school in Virginia, then college up in Nor Cal, thats a long time to be pals! Now she teaches at an all-girl school in Hawaii. Sorry boys, she is taken by a very nice boy named Dan. She came to the woods once this summer to say hello, which was delightful! Her parents also spent some time in Cancun, for the entire hurricane, but now they are back safely in Maryland. Thanx for all the great times Spiff!!!


*Shelli and Summer had a delightful Marathon last Sunday in SF. Shelli's time of 4:13 made me cry and so did Summer's of 5:15 - cool thing for her, she was right on her target time! Now that a week is almost past, they are climbing stairs again and walking normally!

*Christie came in 5th at her first PRO race, the cyclo-cross madness last weekend! Way to go! She and Greg also got a DOG this weekend, welcome Murphy! Dozer wants to play!

*Uriah and me have had a delightful day filled with church, drawing pictures, visiting Murphy, playing with Dozer and all the neighborhood kids! Man, Forest Falls is hoppin!

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Cap'n said... long before the "Nekked Friend-o-The Week" segments begin appearing?