Tuesday, October 18

Restaurant Review - Circle K

Ah, many of you do not see the value of Circle K.

Here are the highlights of this establishment:

1 located 3 blocks from my work

1 located half-way home in the, as mentioned before, lovely town of Mentone. Today I bought a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte for a fraction of the price they are sold at Starbukcs (an establishment I do not promote by the way).

You can also purchase dairy goods, sodas of all types, energy drinks, and snacks. There are so many delightful forms of sugar at Circle K, i could hardly choose one! There is your traditional chocolates, but then they have suckers, powdered sugary things, sugar in pastes and little nuggets.

You can also buy hot dogs and fountain drinks if you so desire and wait in the 20 minute line reading the newspaper or any other magazine full of smut.

So the next time you are contemplating going out for breakfast somewhere all high class like Mimi's, just stop in at Circle K, where all your sugar and saturated fat needs will be met at a fraction of the cost!


Christie said...

Joy, you are such a great story teller. I am waiting for your first book to come out!!!! ;o)

I gotta get the link to your blog going on my blog ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Duerk, Christie (like I know Christie and can use her name)is correct you should be keeping great notes on all these stories. A book should be in the works I will have my people call your people.

Cap'n said...

Joy, I have a new found respect for you. I, too, share your love for Circle K. The pseudo-rib-wich is amazing, and anywhere one can purchase 17 hot dogs for a nickel is gonna be on my top ten list. Where else can you buy a 2 gallon "COLON CRUSHER" Dr. Pepper, and chase it with a one pound candy bar? Keep it up, girl, I'm with ya.

Da Cap'n

Grifsmum said...

I love Circle K and miss having it just down the road from me at LSU. Have a sugary snack for me today!