Saturday, October 15

I don't "DO" freeways

I had to drive my Jeep to the beach. This is a problem for multiple reasons. First off, my companions consisted of 4 10th grade girls who i naively allowed to control the music selections. You see, the high school had its annual beach day and since i am 10th grade sponsor and all, i HAD to go along. This brings us to another problem: FREEWAYS. Since I purchased my Grand Cherokee, we have travled many places, but as the title reads, i do not "DO" freeways. I have driven to Big Bear dozens of times. I have even headed to Vegas and beyond to Brian Head and then again i ventured all the way to Mammoth. But there is something inately wrong with driving down the 10, to the 91 then 55 then 73 through chaotic and angry masses.

Stopping in grid-lock was at least interesting as the girls named whether the car pirched next to us was a BMW, Mercedes, PT Cruiser. We also created a new game which we didnt really name. We pretty much tried to decide what exactly had made that 85 year old women look 38. Was it collagen? Botox? Microderm-abrassion? Multiple face lifts?

Although i was DONE being at the beach after 2 hours, we were there for 8. I usually do the mountain scene or hit up the woods, i bore quite quickly.

The day consisted of guessing exactly who was hooking up with who, trying to make sure nobody was smoking ANYTHING and that everyone was properly clothed at all times. We had a few sting-ray attacks which were pretty much the high light.

LOW LIGHT: A car controlled by iPOd and cell phone weilding 15 year olds with crushes on multiple boys who also seemed to have the most narrow of musical perspectives. Heres a run down: NSYNC, Aqua and the AWFUL "Barbie" song, and countless other boy bands mixed in with Aaron Carter, some lame American Idol girl named Kelly, and Christina Aguilara.

To say the least, pulling up at the beloved school WAY past my bedtime of 8:30pm, was a very good feeling.

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