Tuesday, October 11

I hit a post

Awsome. It worked. So the Fall Classic was this past sunday and it was my 2nd Expert race and my last race of the season. I was totally not into the whole race thing due to a broken bike, evacuations and many other "things" but i went anyways. Those experts really move, so i was shocked when i realized i was in first place for my class and ended up winning.

Funny thing however.....i made it through all the perils that Snow Summit had to offer, and about 100 yards from the finish line, i hit a HUGE wooden post. I clipped my left handle bar and ended up hitting my head, my chest, and my thigh. I have never had wood-burn before or a mark all the way down my chest where the post smashed my jersey zipper into my skin. My whole rib cage really hurts, but thats ok because i won.

This cool little photo is right after the post incident where i am trying to chat it up with Meggan Flaherty from Bicycle John's. She and Teri Strayer and Christie Pleiss were and are my "mentors" bringing me into the expert ranks. TOo bad they are all going to bail out on me....

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