Sunday, October 16

We rode the Dam, Oops

Have you ever ridden your mountain bike from Southfork to Highland? It is quite an adventure with over 20 miles of pretty good single track and very little interuptions with weird people or large animals. Most of the trees that once covered the path have been moved or otherwise taken care of.

Once you drop in behind the Angeles Oaks store, however, the trail gets a little shady. When you go through Thomas Hunting grounds and drop down towards Morton Peak, it gets WORSE. At least i had my kneekers on, but my shins are covered with scratches and scrapes from the bushes. The trail is tiny as is, now it is quite overgrown. It is rideable though if you duck your head a lot and wear full long sleeves and pants, and who really wants to do that here!

Instead of riding up Morton and out to 38, we went to the Dam. I am not much for breaking the law but riding on private property never really seems like breaking a big law. I was with Christie, Brian, and Bev, all of who have at one time or another traversed the Dam unscathed.

The desent to the dam was only interupted by 2 snakes and 6 lizards. Once we hit the pavement, we felt like we were home free. Then we saw it. A white Hyundai meandering the zigzag road on the backside of the dam. All we could do was ride. We radn into the little car dead center on the top of the dam. It was hilarious. He pulled a James Bond move and spun his car across both lanes, hopped out of the door, hand on flashlight. (It was 2 pm, but he had nothing else.) Since i was the youngest of the bunch, i just sat back and let everyone else do the talking. We affectionatly called our new NON-friend "Alejandro" since he reminded Bev of her gardener of that name. I sure hope her gardener is not the mean! He told us the Sherif was on his way blah blah blah. We finally convinced him to excort us out. As we came to the large black sliding gate, we all could see brilliant ways to cicumvent it and get away. But Alejandro insisted that we sign a log, show ID and if we didnt have ID, he was calling the sheriff and detaining us himself, with his flashligh.

Things get ugly from here. All i remember are the storm-troopers coming in and pepper spraying us and demolishing out bikes in front of us....

Actually we signed moderatly accurate names and were told never to come back.


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Christie said...

I like your recap! I will put my ride recap up soon. I have to download my pix!