Tuesday, October 25

Restaurant Review - El Mexicano

Location: Forest Falls, CA

The El Mex is the only eating establishment that graces the small town I call home. One BIG problem: IT HAS A B RATING! What exactly do you have to do to get a "B" rating? I have heard of a fingernail in the homemade salsa, but come on!This is the ONLY "B" I have ever seen! I have looked in every shanty and hovel of a restraurant, just to see what they have. And every single time they have had an "A". So...

I DON'T EAT THERE and neither should you. Unless, of course, you enjoy having EVERYTHING you eat smothered and fried in pigglet adipose tissue, yes, i mean lard, before you eat it. I always wondered, back in LAST fall, why i always felt "ooky" on the 1/3 mile walk home after some rice, beans, and enchiladas. It must have been a finger nail, or just too much fat.

Eat at home.


"I can't walk or run today because I have a sprained ankle." - Anonymous 8th grade hypocondriach. Then I ask "well what did you do?" Child responds: "I have no idea, i just woke up with a sprained ankle, and I can't walk." I just thought this was interesting.

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