Sunday, October 16

Mentone is cool

If you know anything about Mentone and Green Spot, you know who this guy is!

Jason, my boyfriend, and I had a really nice date today. We don't get to see much of each other, so we decided to hit up the laundry mat in Mentone after he got off work today. I know, its really lame. But hey, we get to hang out and do laundry, two very needed things.

After 8 loads, and cheap pizza around the corner, we were both very done. Not that we don't like Mentone, but it really isn't our favorite. The Stater's has the longest line EVER, the dog gets annoyed with all the "suspect" people trying to be his friend, and now, a quarter only gets you 8 minutes of drying instead of 12! What a rip off.


Christie said...

i believe that is Yo Ole Paul Bunyan himself. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey I can hear the dripping sacasm with the title of your last post "Mentone is cool" Keep it coming that is the Duerk we know and love.