Saturday, October 29

Race Flashback Etc

Ah, SOUTHRIDGE!! This morning I woke up thinking about the Southridge series and whether or not i am going to do at least one of them. I have not been on a bike "proper" in a few weeks, (minus spin class) and i really have the urge to at least RIDE A BIKE. One problem though - last year i raced there as a beginner, only one lap, pretty easy and chill. THis year its gonna be a whopping 3 laps for the experts. I hate that culvert and I always think i am going to get paint balled! We will see.


The Jeep will be in the shop until the 4th of Nov. I could get it Monday, but i have to wait for my pay check!!! HAHA on me.

The shower works! I took my first home shower yesterday for the first time in a week. i am about to go take another! I just washed a weeks worth of dishes (no dishwasher here, remember, its the woods) and i have to go check and see if the dish water is now in the bottom of the shower.

I went to Jill Moore's spin class last night and Art was there too! it is great to see some of the mountain folk out and about. Since i kinda quit exercising for a little bit, spin class was GREAT! I wanted to stay for about 3 hours, but Jason and Uriah were peering through the glass, begging for a ride home!

That's about it for now! Wasn't I nice and possitive!

I will send you out with one more picture of my favorite kid, Griffyn, from New Zealand!!

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