Sunday, October 16

Yup, there's snow

It is a calm rainy day up here in Forest Falls. The puppy is sleeping, as usual and I am committed to a day of domestic duties. I went for a quick drive up the canyon to see if the rain water is pooling anywhere threatening a road wash-out. As I was driving, my eyes focused at the tip of the peaks, up towards San G.

Sprinkled between the trees, crags and boulders there is definately SNOW! This means I must get the 4th new tire on the Jeep that I couldn't afford when I bought the other 3. I will also fill my gym bag wtih 3 days worth of clothes, not just one. And down to the Elkhorn store i will go to get my emergency candles and batteries for my 5 flashlights and catch up on any of the 'country' news that is brewing this morning.

WINTER IS HERE....finally

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