Saturday, October 22

Old School Friends

This is Katie Burley. She lives in Maryland where I partially grew up. We have been buddies since 6th grade. She is a graphic designer at a high class florist in Washington DC. She recently went to Holland to the world's flower festival or something cool like that. She will be my friend of the week, because well she is one of the coolest girls EVER!!


Cap'n said...

She looks hot, does she like bloated mountain bikers?

Joy said...

Of course she's hot. All my friends are. She likes me, not like that, but you could give it a shot

burley said...'s the update darling. I know nothing about computers -- therefore, I'm certainly NOT a graphic designer. My official and REAL job is Photographer and Resident Artistic Designer. It's a miracle that I even know how to post this comment.
But anyways, I love you and you love me!!!

(you got everything else right though)