Wednesday, October 19

Product Review - Burt's Bee's

I have been stung by SEVEN bee's in the last year. The second to last one was awful. Right on my neck, causing abnormal swelling and crazy allergies!In ONE day, i used an entire tissue box because my nose and eyes were running SOSOOSO much!

Christie gave me a Burt's Bee's survival kit for my birthday in September so i have been using some of the goodies. The Survival Book reads as follows: "When venturing into bug territory, make sure you dress for the occasion. Never wear bright colors; they advertise you as the daily. special. Instead, stick to neutral clothing in white, khaki, or yellow. Wear long pants, socks, and sturdy shoes. Tuck the cuffs of your pants into the top of your socks and wear long-sleeved shirts buttoned to the neck. . . Also avoid perfume - this includes the lingering odor of perfumed shampoo, aftershave, hairspray, lotion, or soap or any other scent that could arouse a feeding frenzy. Scents that humans are attracted to also draw bugs."

The product is very informative and helpful. The things actually work very well, especially the above pictured lip stuff. However, in order to meet the requirements to stay bee-free, I must do the follow:
1. Design a team riding kit with khaki and white as the colors. NO MORE ORANGE/RED/YELLO! EVER!!!!!
2. Roll in mud/dirt before the ride, make sure not to shower or apply any cosmetic smelly things for at least an hour before ride.
3. Go REALLY slow. If you encounter a bee, sit and chat with it and convince it not to unleash it's rath on you!
4. Tuck everything in, looking very attractive of course!

Great Products! Buy them at your local Trader Joe's!!


Anonymous said...

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Old Coach said...

My Family uses the Burt's . . . great product!!!

Fuzzy said...

HHEEYYYY Joy !!! Its Fuzzy (Ara) from Backbone. WAZZZAAPPPP??? hows the love of my life Dozer doing ? I miss him. Haha .... PEACE OUT !!!

Christie said...

i love reading your blogs!