Monday, October 17

Ode To Monday (and that's not a good thing)

Here we go.....
It seems as if my blog has become quite the hater-fest, sorry, but i must continue. Maybe to let you know just how much i do not like this day, i will simply give you a time-line with as few details as possible. You would just start feeling bad for me and all and the next thing you know you give a bike or something, and there is no turning back...

10:00 PM SUNDAY Nap time
1:45 AM Monday - awakened by the noise of a thunderstorm in Forest Falls, which could be equated to sleeping in a coffee tin and allowing your nephew to bang on it with metal spoons and shine a flashlight in it and take it into the shower with him....
3:00 AM - Contemplating leaving for work because i am afraid the road will wash out or the Jeep will overheat on the way, making me late for work (both very possible)
4:30 AM My CELL PHONE alarm went off (because the power went off 4 times, no actual alarm, good thing i set 4)
5:04 AM Leave the house, drive over 6 inches of debris in the road for about 200 yards. Gas light turns on
5:25 AM On Judson and Colton Ave, Jeep runs out of gas. After 10 miles???? Highly suspect. Run/walk to gym, homegirl Robyn gives me a lift the rest of the way (yes, i did call her and waker her up at this time, i have done this for years)
5:45 AM I taught a delightful spin classat LA Fitness, that actually went really well. Then i lifted weights which i havent done in months, even my legs, they shook!!!
8:30 AM Went to "GFE" which is now some FOX crap????!
9:00 ish On my way to LAME teacher meetings: car over-heats, turns off, sounds like a diesl when started again, turns off, idles really low, overheats, lots of smoke. DONE.
*Now the Jeep is at some shop, it was towed. Photo's to come, i can't find the proper USB port.
Later on (after much sadness) : I realize my ride is not coming for me because they have no tail lights and in the fog/rain/perils of the mountains, that is dangerous they say.
7:59PM Waiting at my VERY cool office (single wide trailor, pictures later, promise) for my boss and athletic director to come so i can have a slumber party with her kids.



laura said...

BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That is a sucky DAY! :( :( :(

Old Coach said...

I could have told you the Jeep was going to kick your butt . . .

Joy said...

yup, thanx "OLD" coach, you made me cry.