Saturday, October 22

A Bit of Reflection

It's Saturday and pretty much the only time I don't have to be running around crazy, until later. In a few weeks i will make the decision to go on early morning road rides with some die-hard chicks so i will have to kick the covers back and enter the frost of the morning, for the 892nd day in a row.

But until then, I get to sit with Dozer, in my pj's, drinking coffee with pumpkin spice in it (even cheaper than Circle K), and attempt to figure out why i do what I do or don't do what I don't. Very deep i know.

1.) Shelli (please view previous post "Shelli is Hot") and Summer are in SF for a marathon tomorrow. Yes, they are crazy. Who in their moderatly right mind would RUN 26.3 miles when they could ride it on a bike, drive it in a car, take a mule or just not go? Good luck girls, an update is sure to come! (By the way, they are both about 6 feet tall, slender, physical therapy students, and pretty much blonde. I look fat and short with them. For a meeting, please contact ME.)
2.) I GET to go to WORK tonight and all day Sunday for the Fall Festival. Now any of my coworkers reading this, do not be offended, BUT I DO NOT WANT TO GO. Any questions, don't ask me.
3.) Christie and some of the other Backbone crazies will be heading out for "psycho-cross" in Glendale. Good luck with that guys!
4.) The weekend will be over. awesome.

Of course i mean myself, because i am "good people." Jeep news: 6 days without a car. But I did go over there to get some stuff out of it and they let me look at the warped valve, the head gasket etc, and it actually IS messed up. Hmm. I SO didn't do it!

I have been trying to figure out how to ride my bike to work. You see it would be very easy if I still lived in Redlands or was cool enough to live in Mentone (if only). But i live way up Hwy 38. They are repaving, adding to the perils of the road. I would also have to leave around 5am, dark and very cold, then riding on a wash board, i would have to take my mountain bike, which is good because i loath my road bike. But then would I have to shower at WORK in the child sized showers that were only used by firefighters during the old fire? Or, go to LA Fitness and actually work out? But at last, how in the world would I get HOME? Ride your bike you say, but COME ON! I would take my mountain bike then with my BOB trailor, because all my LAME road bike has is a 21! Have YOU every ridden your bike to Forest Falls in the dark, pulling a trailer, after a full days work with monstrous children, at 52 degrees? ugh.

The next bad thing: The shower won't drain. Now some would say i could just soak my feet, put some epsom salts in their and enjoy. But i say YUCK. Have YOU ever had athletes foot? Here's the problem, the shower broke 5 months ago which let to a full snaking of the plumming, the discovery of a rock in the septic tank, the toilet breaking, 15 days without a toilet, and ME paying well over $200 for a new one. So, i am pretending that the shower is in fact draining and that Dozer is a purple elephant.

What Dozer has destroyed this week:

He is getting quite creative. One Jose Ole cycling glove, half way. One road bike handle bar and bar tape (good boy Dozer). One row of shingle siding on the house. One sitting stool. One neighborhood child. Just kidding, but the rest is true.

Things I need to save $$$ for:
The 4th new tire for the Jeep
Milk and bread (any soup kitchens near by?)
Jeremy's 30th birthday gift (my uber-brother)
New Road Bike (Refer to previous post "Highlight, Lowlight")
Christmas (The KAPAO's are coming from New Zealand - Sister Julene with husband Rouru, kids Chucky and Griffy, they will need some SNACKS at least, maybe a meal at Del Taco, Tuesdays of course with the 3 taco's for a dollar)
Electricity - even though i live in the stick, i still turn the lights on
Propane - the heater is coming on SOON!

So.....if anyone needs babysitting, dog walking, bike cleaning, yard work, or someone to just sit and listen to your problems, PLEASE CALL ME! $300 an hour, pretty good I know!


laura said...

Oh my word, Joy, I don't know whether to laugh or cry! You make it sound so funny but yet, that's some crappy stuff - and hopefully it won't become literally crappy (in the shower, I mean).

Our Great Dane pup, Gracie, has destroyed several things - not the least of them being a large bolster pillow, Leslie's favorite shirt (we still wear it anyways), and about 8 dog beds (she gets bored in the middle of the night, I suppose).

Oscar didn't grow out of the captain-destructo phase until he was nearly 2. I hope this is not the case for you. Or me. That's a long way to go.

But despite the chaos and the tracked-in mud, aren't they worth it?!

Cap'n said...

Get a Bassett, like Beauford. He sleeps, alot. Then, all of a sudden, he gets real nervous. We let him out, and VIOLA, a tird. Then, back to sleep. Perfect. Why are children not more like my beloved dog? Dogs don't fill diapers with mustaed 5 times a day. They just eat, and crap. That dog is a machine, a fecal factory, with four very short legs. Perfect.

Cap'n Chris