Tuesday, October 25

Oh the pounds, etc

Please insert whatever cardio adventure, and GO DO IT.

Numbers of the week:
3: Pounds gained since October 9, Fall Classic and time off the bike. Oops.
9: Days without my own car, cool
5: Days since the shower at home worked. Don't worry, i go to the gym every couple days for a shower.


Well, thank you for asking. Jason and I drove 2.5 hours to LAX last night, Just to see my MOM. She had a layover there on her way home to Florida. She has never met Jason, so this was kinda important. I don't think i have seen her since Christmas either, and it was about time to hang out with the Mama. Once we found her, it went pretty good! I think they like eachother, except Jason kept yawning and leaning way back in his chair, tapping his foot. He usually goes to bed around 9 PM. So having to stay there and up coherent until 10:50pm, was quite a struggle. His quote of the day: "I will never do that again. She is the only person I will do that for." It was a good time though, my mom is crazy! (Imagine that, being my mom and all) So i didn't go to bed until 1am. I feel like i am in college again, not studying, playing way too long, and hardly sleeping at all. Except today, i actually have to teach instead of being able to slouch in my chair, pull my hat down, and take a nap. Better luck next time! Im putting some long pants on because it is COLD today!

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