Thursday, October 13

The Heat, WHY?

It is getting close to the middle of October, and it is blazing hot! I am teaching flag football OUTSIDE from 8:30am to 3:20pm with GIRLS. Here's the deal. 1.Girl's don't like to get hot. 2.They don't like to get dirty, perspire, or get too much sun in the wrong places. 3.They also think that a jammed finger is broken and that a bump to the arm is dislocation. They are filled with so much drama and "stories" of their ailments, that at times, I actually have to laugh about it. In order to get them to move at an above-slug pace, they have to be threatened of impending doom or laps around the giant field. But can I actually follow through with such evil plots? Probably not. I don't even want to move around out there. I usually have extremely LOW amounts of sympathy for the children because of all the crap in the heat, cold and other "awful" conditions, I put myself through. But come on, it is ROASTING!

I had to go put a P.E. uniform on just to sustain the heat. I have these awesome triple-ply cheap polo shirts that I "MUST" wear to school and they are just DEATH! So now i look like an 8th grader, which is cool.

So please planets, re-allign and cut us outdoor folk some slack. MAKE IT COOL OFF!!

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