Tuesday, October 18

Shelli is Hot

This is the infamous SHELLI! (The one on the RIGHT) Yes, Boys, at this time she is single. I haven't seen this girl in awhile, but she is definately uber-friend! We met at 12 Hours at the Summit last year, and have been riding together ever since! She and I have traveled from Sea Otter to Mammoth as team mates and buddies. We also spent 7 hours moderately "misplaced" (yes Johnson, WE WERE LOST) and we were still friends after that, even though it was my fault! Dozer even let her just walk into my house this weekend and just licked her and played with her! He is such a loser! But at least they are friends!

For the fellows I will add some photo's a little further on, just for your viewing pleasure, hopefully i can cut myself out of them so I won't bore you! haha.

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Cap'n said...

Ara loves your friend Shelli, and wants to have fuzzy little children with her. She should take advantage of this while he is still a virgin.