Tuesday, November 1

Flashback Picture Show

So i haven't put very many pictures on this thing because i didn't have one of those neat USB things. Then papa Duerk just sent me one in the mail, and well here is a little flashback of previous posts.

The protector.
Dozer used to love the frog. Until he killed it. He took it everywhere with and played with it and slept with it. Then he puked on it and its head fell off, so i threw it away!

This is the Am Cup final, where i actually won a cool jersey. I wear it to bed. Joking, serious.

Don't even tell me this is yucky. Yes, those MAY be coffee grounds in the tub or other "debris" from the sink. And yes, that is tape on the walls. I moved in with it there and all the land lady said was "make sure there is no structural damage. What is THAT?"

Me and Shelli going 3-4 at Mammoth National Championships. Yes, we are pretty hot in orange!

The Jeep Being towed! About 3 weeks ago, just can't remember!

This is Me and Mom, on our LAX visit. Aren't we cute!


Christie said...

you and your mom have the same smile! the signature Joy smile!

Julene said...

Thanks for the pictures cool sister Joy! I like the jeep...will we be able to ride in it!

Anonymous said...

This is my first adventure visiting your blog...I must say...I wish I had been checking more frequently seeing that I just ate at your B status Mexican restaurant! I was wondering what that hard, yet chewy thing was in my meal!
- Haley

laura said...


I remember the frog when it was relatively new. Just like I remember you; when we were little tykes.

Poor frog.

Paige said...

that dog is scary Duerksen.