Wednesday, November 23

Guess who got an Upgrade!!!

You would/should be shocked! The El Mex here in Forest Falls in now sporting a shiny "A" in the window, replacing the long standing "B" (please refer to previous post on the El Mex.) New restraunt to avoid: BJ's (Jason got food poisoning) AND Mill Creek Cattle Company which proudly displays a "B" as well.


Had his first mtn bike ride with me today. He is quite the trooper and it totally wore him out which was awesome! I only had to hit him in the butt with my tire 8 times, which really isn't that bad, he will learn.

Charity Ride: Don't lie boys, you bumped it down a notch tonight, but we are very grateful. I had tha audacious idea to go for a little night ride with some pretty stiff competition. You would never know that the greater-Redlands area boasts such great talents, and single track. Matt Freeman, Christie, Mr. Johnson and some other great guys headed out in the black of night for a little fun. I don't own lights of my own, and well lets just say that the ones i had didn't really do the trick. For the majority of the ride I hung between well-lit riders, but it just isn't the same. Most of the ride I had never seen in the light, so i had no idea what was coming or where we were. These guys also kept a pretty quick clip (don't laugh guys, it was fast for me) which of course kept me cruising. So now you can call me Helen Keller or you try riding by Braille. It was actually really entertaing and a lot of fun. I actually had to keep my mouth shut just so i could focus on the bobbling lights in front of me so i could tell if it was time to drop off a cliff or climb a gnarly hill. Actually, it wasn't that bad, and it was a lot of fun!


Matt said...

Christie was right. A fine blog indeed. It appears I need to step up my own blogging efforts.

Thanks for coming out last night. Hopefully you guys will come out next week too. And it wasn't a charity ride.

Joy said...

Thank you for the support Matt!

Wednesday's tend to be a "work late" day for me, but we will see. Maybe I will get "sick" or something!

Cap'n said...

I would come out, but my Niterider lights are back in the shop being "looked at," AGAIN. If only I were smart and bought the Sigma Sport lights last month, I'd be back in business by now! Hopefully I can make it out for a ride soon, as long as you don't mind the smell of fat burning and horrid wheezing sounds, I am in!

cap'n chris