Thursday, December 1

A Tree Fell

The Forest really does fall in Forest Falls, really. THis place gets crazy wind action and the pine cones hitting the roof sound like they are coming right through. We are all now on branch partol, checking out which ones might choose to fall. This tree fell partially on the "Ark" the old restraunt near the trail head in FF.

Small Cabin on the left is my friend Chris's, which was about 4 feet from being smashed in half this week by a giant Oak that took its plummet to earth. The cabin that it squished had one occupant who is actually ok.


My super cool basketball team has notched its first victory! It was ugly though, 7-4 at HALF TIME!! (Yes, this is HIGH SCHOOL) But we pulled it out in the end. Season record: 1-0

Banquet time: SDA version of the prom - kosher. Jason will be making his debut appearance - should be grand.

OUT: for a ride, the kids get out at 12 since it takes them like 6 hours to primp, so i am out on the road and into the gym! FINALLY! Thank you!!!

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Cap'n said...

Joy-Dizzle! It's Christerphizzle...what the schizzle? Hey, you need to do there, what they did here. If they destroy all the trees, and pave all the available land over, you never have to worry about a tree falling! Of course, there are no birds to crap on your car either. It's great when EVERY LIVING THING is dead, you just get to stay so much safer. Oh crap, I am getting your sarcastic tendencies!!! :)

Cap'n Chris