Friday, December 9


Here is the rundown of the near past:

Tuesday - Game #1 @ tournament LOST (1-1)
Wednesday - Game #2 LOST bad (1-2). Julene (sister) and her husband Rouru, son Chucky and baby Griffyn arrived from New Zealand! I have not seen them for 2 years and I have never seen Griffyn. This is also Chucky's first time to America as well as his first time on a plane! He's about 16 and lovling it!
Thursday - Game #3 at Tourney WON!!! (2-2) came in about 7th out of 8 at tournament. We learned a lot though...Evening visit to sister and family who are staying at aunts house
Friday - Delighful ride on the trainer and off to shopping madness with the family and Jason ending in a delighful meal at another aunts house! We brought the foreigners to the Woods and my square of a cabin and they said I live in the "wop-wops" NZ for "a long way from anything." I had to interpret for them a few times at Claim Jumpers because even my sister, a US National, who has been in NZ for 5 years, has a nasty thick accent. We look at them and smile, then realize they asked us a question, then we all feel awkward. Actually, it is super fun, they must live here now. And i am stealing the baby. He is my new best friend. At almost 10 months, he is on the verge of walking, we hope by Christmas time so he can dismantle the parents house piece by piece.

More to come because i have packed the chaos in thick for the weekend!

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