Tuesday, December 27

Holiday STUFF

WE WENT TO FLORIDA, FOR A LITTLE HOLIDAY FUN!! I will post a total family picture when i get it from Pops!

So, if you don't want to see or hear about my family or my trip, go elsewhere! Jason and I made the mistake of flying Southwest, more on that later. I will keep my verbage short (Sometimes, I talk to much....)

PICTURE #1: Saturday Hike in the Swamp - we found a GATOR! Yes it was real, and no it didn't eat any of us!!

PICTURE #2: 4 Hours of canoeing on the Wekiva Springs We saw no Gators, but a Heap of Turtles! If you ever want to know how a person "really" is, take them canoeing in snake/gator infested water with a nasty current...

PICTURE #3: Christmas day at Daytona Beach The crazy boys went in the water, Suzanne and I decided to ride the Huffy Beach Cruisersdown the beach...in jeans and no shoes....(the only riding in ...... days)

PICTURE #4: The "3 J's" being normal. Joy - can't keep her eyes open EVER, so hlepful big brother Jeremy does it for her. big sister Julene just wants us to stop.

PICTURE #5: Jason, Chucky, and Rouru at the beach. Jason got a Rugby shirt from New Zealand for Christmas, so he wears it every day, along with his HAT from the BOOT BARN. Freak. The BOYS are from the Cook Islands Google it if you have no clue - but they live, with sister Julene (she is married to Rouru, father of Chucky) in Palmerston North, NZ
PICTURE #6: Griffyn (yes, he is a mythical figure. Kinda like a Liger. HE is a mix between an Eagle - American, and a Lion - His pops. I was teaching him how to play in the sand.

PICTURE #7: Julene and Me being 16 again. We took a shot like this by the parents pool about 9 years ago, but we can't find it. this is the new and improved us!


Joy said...

Sorry I stink at putting quotes with pictures, but it should make sense!

grifsmum said...

You da bomb lil' sista! Thanks for the update and reminding me how the trip was! We had so much super duper hilarious belly-aching fun!


laura said...

Fun fun! I remember that first "pool shot" too.

Joy, which birthday party was it where we had to bring our favorite doll to play with and then everyone went to the circus except me because I was too scared? I need to know for research purposes. It was when you were still living off White Cottage. The house with the teepee.

Cyndi said...

Hey, Joy, I'm a neighbor of yours up here in FF. I have a food blog; yours came up when I cliced on Forest Falls in my profile. I'm a teacher, too--with Yucaipa-Calimesa. Where do you work?

I admire you for being a mountain biker and obviously so healthy (and young! I'm 49). I'm a bit out of shape. I hike, some, tried some backpacking this summer after not doing it for 25 years; it just about killed me.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm up on Snowdrift. Maybe I'll see you around.

Paige said...

Did you take Doser with you?

Joy said...

Dear Small One:
#1: DoSer is really DoZer. He would be very upset.
#2: He does not "do" planes. He stayed in the woods and played in the dirt, a lot!
#3: Don't forget to go to school on TUESDAY. haha.