Monday, December 19

Christmas Non Cheer

So Christie beat me to the training update, so now I can't make grandious overstatements of our physical capabilities. Thanx. We hammered in the cold saturday up and down and up again and around Crafton, quite delightful actually. Then Sunday we opened a can on the road. We were heading to Riverside, without a Montecito Cemetary, we heard wheels approach, and none other than former Little League All-Stars, from the St.Helena Bunch (my brother pitched for them in 1990) Tito and Zack showed up. Back in the 80's i wasn't cool enough of big enough to hang out with these guys, but this time, they let me ride with them! We all headed to out and picked up Toni who i had met on Sunset a year or so back, so it was great to ride with another high-caliber chick! We were coersed (sp) into doing several hills, but thats ok.

We ended up out for around 5 hours. I think this was the longest road ride i have done in, oh about MY WHOLE LIFE! But it was good. If Christie haden't been there, i would have quit at about 3 hours. We did talk about food a lot and the races we are most scared of, have the gnarliest single track, how we met our men, what color and cut of shorts are most flattering, you know, the usaul ride banter.

BUT THEN...I had to teach spin today. I am SO over that! I actually had to tell them I was taking it easy today. Usually I pretend, but today I have a head cold and was uber sore, so i had to really chill. I have to get rid of that gig.

COMMENT OF THE WEEK: (lAST WEEK) Spoken by a Senior Female: "Ms. Duerksen, is there snow at your house in Big Bear?" "I don't know, i don't live there." "Oh, cause i REALLY want to go snowboarding." "Oh cool. We could go check online." "That's ok, I just want to dress up like i am GOING snowboarding, they look SOOOO cute! I would never actually DO it! It is way too cold!" "Well, the Lodge is probably open....."

WHITE ELEPHANTS: i will be going to my 3rd White Elephant party in Florida. First one was with the co-workers at Teacher Play Time as I like to call it. Thanx again for the stellar bobble-head guys, it totally works with my decore. Then last night, we went to Jason's family party where the theme was gift cards. Highlight of the evening: The torture a junior high boy goes through as his uncle takes his Best Buy card. The kid yelled out "Its not even a store for ADULTS!!!!!!" We all just laughed. I have yet to see an actual elephant at one of these things, and actually, i hope I don't.

BOOT BARN: This store ROCKS! Especially if you ever hit up the Branding Iron....anyways, Jason needed new work boots. This took like an hour. There are SO many types, style blah blah blah of work boots! just BUY ONE! Sorry. Then he got all stoked on some cowboy Australia type hat, then wanted a bolo tie and big belt buckle, but I made him stop at the hat. BUT...we may have met a celebrity. The girl who was behind th counter had a pie-plate of belt buckle that read "MISS RODEO CALIFORNIA" with sequins and other shimmery stuff all around. You could tell she was a true cowgirl because of her SMALL wrangler jeans, Tony Llama Boots, and the fact that under her nicely manicured finger nails there was DIRT!!! And LARGE amounts of it. You can find her on Redlands Blvd, she was pretty too. Probably pretty good with horses and stuff.


Christie said...

you make my blog seem like a piece of garbage! :o) Yes next time I will leave the training recap to you and I will say "see Joy's blog!"

ahah!!!! Yes it was a fun weekend for sure! I was worried today because I didn't get ANY email from you!

Joy said...

NO GARBAGE! Ever!on Christies Super Cool Blog! Once i learn how to put links up, i will only put yours, 4 times.

Christie said...

I had to read this post again because it just cracks me up!!! I especially like your reference to how we were talking about color/cuts of shorts!!!!! HAHA! Just say no to white or yellow, especially for the MEN! haha!

Matt said...

Send me your email addres. I have something to send that you have to see regarding all the grade B eating establishments in our fine area.

Cap'n said...

Hey, don't knock yellow shorts! They are great for super gnarly descents where leakge may occur, and the yellow shorts can prevent those embarrassing moments when you have to explain what happened!! If five hours is your longest road ride, Christie will have to bring you up with us to Solvang in March!


Christie said...

I had a feeling you might have some comments about yellow shorts! I think we have had these conversations before!!!! Well Filipe Merenghe rocks the white shorts doesn't he... ha hahahahahha...

Yes Solvang!