Saturday, December 3

Training Gone WILD

I got a trainer! Thank you Mr. Johnson! This is the exact tool I needed to take my training to the next level so that my dreams of taking over the world would become a reality! I am on the borrow to maybe lease to buy program, it works out very nicely. I think my OCD may become very useful in the fact that with having this thing set up 6 feet from my bed and on the way to anywhere else in my life, i may just ride it a lot!

First trainer workout run down: I watched the "Incredibles" to give me that extra edge as I pedaled. I used Dash as my inspiration and he got me through some of the toughest spots. Since I had yet to light the pilot on my propane heater, the "house" was a crisp 58 degrees as starting. I thought to turn on the overhead fan to simulate more of the actual outdoors, but when i do that, globs of dust fly everywhere, and cause breathing issues.

Problem: DOZER - For awhile he chased my feet as they circled around. He came back later to lick the perspiration off my legs. Then he figured out that he could put his front paws on the top tube and get very close to my face. A very interesting experience. He is getting crated next time.

Pictures of all of this soon to come.

New Training Diet: Hot Cheetos and 7 Up. This is an awful choice. The 7UP was a desperate attempt to bring the sensation back to my mouth and lips after an over-zealous attack on the Cheetos. Those things are sick. But I could not stop eating them. My eyes were watering, nose running. By the end, my fingers were caked in the pink/red substance that must contain high amounts of Red 9 and some addictive addative. To say the least, i do not feel well.

One Complaint: NMBS #1 has been changed to April 23. And it is still in Bonelli. Ack. BUT...there is this epic mtb race up in the Napa Valley that day and I have been trying to get up there for the past few years. I used to do it in college since it was hosted by my school in our back 40, but now i feel like i have to stay in town to hit up a big NORBA. In theory, it conflicts with Castaic as well, which we all know it wouldn't hurt to miss that one.

I am heading to the staff Christmas party for a bunch of teacher cheer! I am making "Black Bean Salad Ole" which has nothing to do with Jose Ole.


2 Cans black beans, drained
1 Can Herdas medium salsa
2 Limes - squeezed for their delicious juice
I Bunch Cilantro chopped itty-bitty
I bag frozen corn - unfrozen

Get some chips and you are set!


Your favorite student(Paige) said...

Hey Duerksen.
(sorry if I spelled that wrong, blame it on me being spelling impared)

Anywho, I realize you used my father's name in your post,,

you're lucky our last name is popular, 2nd top last name in the US, so ya know if it weren't i might have to sue you for using a copyrighted name and all....cause then my dad would get jumped for his mad bike skills.


Joy said...

Dear Small One
First of all, i am flattered that you could find nothiing better to do on a sat night at 11:22pm than to check out my blog. thanx. Secondly, maybe "Senor"Johnson, your spanish teacher, loaned me the trainer, eh? What about that?!

your favorite student...again said...

Small one, eh?!?

Senor Johnson, eh? He wouldn't ride bikes...he's too tall, how about that!?