Monday, December 5

Tournament ETC

Jason exists!Many of you believe that I have created Jason to make myself feel better about not having any friends. But here he is, all dressed up at the Christmas banquet - AKA Kosher-Prom. We had a pretty good time, and yes, he is smiling in this picture. I smile big and a lot and kinda horse-like, which makes up for his under-sized smile. Thus, the perfect relationship!
This is my little basketball team at the Christmas banquet! They are out of control! It took forever to get them to settle down, stop poking or laughing!

We are headed to a tournament in Riverside Tues-Thurs where we will dominate in my quest to take over the world. Or not. It should be a grand time though.


Christie said...

you crack me up!

Cap'n said...

Wow, I don't think I have ever seen you without a helmet on! Was that a "blouse?" No freakin way was that a blouse. Great blog, you should quit work and sell advertising for anti-depressants and stuff on your site! haha....any more trees near the houe come down? That was scary!


Joy said...

Well Chris, that is not a blouse. It is a blazer or a suit jacket to be exact. No trees of significance down lately, but they are doing helicopter logging in town, so there are trees all over the place!

I would also like to quit work.