Tuesday, December 13

Coolest thing EVER

So, i went to World Market for some Christmas cheer, and i found this thing, for MYSLELF, of course! I eat a lot of eggs due to the fact that i am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, most of the time. This little thing makes perfect eggs for egg McMuffins, and the eggs are nice and fluffy. You should buy one, only about $5.00.

Let's see, what else:

Basketball News: We are now 4-2. No games until New Years Tournament over in Loma Linda!

Training News: I have actually been out on the bike! I am having a good time on the trainer, shockingly! It really pushes me mentally to just keep going!

Another B RATED Restaurant!! As I was walking from "FOX" Monday morning after early morning spin induced need for extreme coffee - My eye spotted a BIG "B"!!!!! I saw it was in the window of The VAULT Martini Bar, so it doesn't really affect me, at all! But come on, do they even serve food there? How can a Martini establishment get a B???? Whatever.

UPGRADES: This is something i have been pondering as I train. How do we all decide to upgrade, and when do we actually deserve it? There are some riders/racers around with the sole purpose to destroy other racers, such as myself (total example guys...). As you know, i moved to Expert, and was granted. It was a HUGE decision and to say the least, back in May, it was a very large decision to move from Beginner to Sport. Now in Expert land the pack widens and the competion is seriously stiff. Can or should racers base an entire move up a level on ONE RACE and how they perform against ONE OTHER PERSON? There are so many variables. Maybe i hit 8 trees, maybe i watched Nemo 6 times the night before, or maybe you just wanted it more. I was going to say that at Mammoth, if i didn't get top 3, i wouldn't go Expert. But why let one race negate an entire season of performance? Or, on the contrary, why let one race overshadow deficiets of 2-20 minutes in a race. At one race I passed girl who is now pro. So tomorrow i will apply to be pro, just because of that race. Joking.

Maybe this is my way of saying beware of why you do things. There are many other things to gain through this training/racing process than beating ONE person. Hopefully, when i quit/die/change/get really slow, you still have something to keep you riding. (Please note: This is not directed to anyone i train with, previous/present teammates, or siblings)


Joy said...
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Cap'n said...

Nicely put Joy. You just made my night, and I am not completely sure why.


what about bob said...

Hey, Wut up Joy?

I thought I'd transcribe a little info for you since you asked. Maybe not a lot of racers read this stuff and that's why the rest of us are so frustrated when people don't upgrade when they're supposed to, but there are actually RULES for upgrading. This comes from the USCF/NORBA rulebooks:

Beginner racers must move to the appropriate Sport category after placing in the top five in five races. Failure to do so may result in license suspension.

Sport riders must advance to the appropriate Expert category after placing in the top five in five races. Failure to do so may result in license suspension.

For mandatory upgrading purposes, classes must consist of the following (number of) competitors:
Elite - 20
Master age 30-39 - 20
Master age 40-49 - 15
Master age 50+ - 5

Elite - 15
Master age 30-39 - 15
Master age 40-49 - 10
Master age 50+ - 5

In those classes that require a minimum of ten competitors, the top three in the class are counted for upgrading. In those classes that require five, the top finisher will be counted for upgrading. Upgrades will be based on a rider's placings in his category over a calendar year.

Expert riders may be eligible to be upgraded to Semi-Pro after a combination of achieving these minimum race results: a top-five finish at a NORBA National Mountain Bike Series (NMBS) event; placing in the top-three in two American Mountain Bike Challenge (AMBC) events; or achieving three top-three finishes at a State or Regional Championship event. Consideration will also be placed on rider results that fall within 10% of the overall category winning time of an event. Riders may submit their upgrade requests either online or to the NORBA Regional Manager for their state.

There's more but that's most of the meat of it. And now you know.

...And knowing is half the battle!