Monday, January 2

Mountain Life

Hello Friends and non-friends (i know you are stalking me...)

Happy New years!

I think we actually getting what they call "weather" up on the hill today. I had to vacate in the NON-rare event that if I stayed over night the over-saturated boulders/sand/dirt/trees would make their inevitable desent to Valley of The Falls Road and block us Hobbits from leaving. It happened a few times last year, and well, i really need to be at work tomorrow. bummer though. When i left there was debri all over the roads, snow on the wind-sheild and heaving sleet falling.

Last year was my first winter in Forest Falls. I was driving a front wheel drive Subaru wagon, pretty killer if you ask me. I came upon a perilous situation late one evening in January. There was a whopping 1 1/4 inch of snow on the ground and i was being pounded with relentless flurries. My time in eastern Washington gave me the much needed skills of snow driving. However, as i accended the mountain, i saw cars off to the side, mangled in trees (not really) but there was this guy about my age who was walking, so of course, since i am a hippee and all, i gave him a ride. At about the Elkhorn Store i decided I really needed to chain up. Since i am proficient in everything, i can do it myself, 3 minutes, like a flat fix. But to keep my passenger entertained, i asked him if he could give me a hand. It was snowing you know. He said NO and walked up the road.

I hit up a Backbone ride! I got up at 5:30am on the 1st! To drive all the way to Van Nuys where i could meet up with the other riders. We did the Santa Monica mountain thing, Topanga or Tehachapi, whatever, you have probably been there. But it was great! They kept telling me the ocean was right there, but i think it was just some more city. It was super foggy, at least not raining, so i had no clue where we actually were. Awesome ride though! Excellent mix of technical, climbs, and descents. It was great to go with people that know it so well so they could give me the heads up on all the poopy sections!

PROBLEM: I used to love and go out and play in the fog up in the Napa Valley but here, it is Toxic Fog like "Roy the Toxic Boy" (On excellent story by Tim Burton). I think that my skin may be damaged now.

LOW POINT: My basketball players thought i was aTEENY BOPPER!!!!!! They thought I listened to music like Britney Spears, Kelli Clarkston ETC... I was appauled! Why couldn't they think i listened to Bette Midler or Amy Grant? THAT would be more respectable! Just because I teach them and am exposed to all the horrific things they believe to be entertainment and that i can sing every song on the radio, does not make me a teeny bopper! I am going to TOTALLY have to revamp my image, like, this sucks!


Cap'n said...

The ocean WAS there, Joy, you just gotta believe! Thanks for coming out for our ride Sunday, sorry the weather was looming and trying to cut it short. You will have to have us down your way next time! Thanks for the ride...


Paige said...

Once a teeny bopper...always, a teeny bopper.

and it's clarkson. and hippee so you say is...Hippie, yeah I would know.