Monday, January 16

Checking in, checking out

This is the FIFTH blog attempt! I keep deleting, closing browsers and otherwise destroying my art work! They were all REALLY good too. A few puns, some photos, lots of links, which i just learned to do, but alas, i am left with a clean slate.

I am also DONE. It is 6:30pm on the nose and i am checking OUT. The wind storm last night left with two hours of sleep to go forward into an extreme day. The night tortured me with visions of the previously destroyed cabin here in FF during the last storm. As the branches smacked against all sides of my square, i almost slept on the floor with Dozer, where our only hope for survival would be that the bed and dresser would brake the fall of the timbers as the crashed to the floor.

I got to go to spin at 5am, where i always have to show my best. Then i did some serious abs, cause what else to do on my day off? Lifted some weights, then headed to work where I promptly lost my coffee on my desk and almost had a huge "issue". I then began basketball practice with all the flowers and princesses from my work, where i had to run with them because we only had nine.

After this, i washed my mountain bike and met up with Christie for a Crafton/Wash ride for about 2 hr 15....completing my 3 total hours for the week...wink wink...

But now i am SOOOO tired! I ate, stretched, showered, stretched, ate, and i am just not comfortable yet. So, im going to bed. Hopefully i will rise ON TIME to iron work clothes, coaching clothes, eat breakfast, make lunch and snack and dinner all before departing at 6:55am!


grifsmum said...

hey ya joy - i keep checking for your blog updates...and then there was one! looking forward to seeing you next week for a few more minute!


Anonymous said...

Joy! If a tree falls in Forest Falls and everyone's already been washed out to see, does it make a noise? haha.. HEY..please get me some pix in your jersey for the upcoming "ladies of Kenda Tire" catalog! If you can get them to me by this weekend, that would be great! I have already gotten the nod that you girls would be in there! (You, Bev, Dawn, Betsy, Teresa, Brianna, and Katie)