Monday, January 9


QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: "Being bored is sooooo exhausting!" Jason

LOW POINT: Mentone Stater Bros packed with people. I got hit with carts twice in the isle and three times in the checkout line! Very disturbing!!!

I am now teaching outside for PE, we started softball. This will increase my ever-growing "special tan" and probably give me melanoma. But since this is killer weather, its actually pretty nice. I just sit on the bleachers, tell girls what to do and eat snacks. awesome.


Jason and I both scored big time in the gift card area for Christmas. Here's a little run-down of day out on the town for two adults and one child

LUNCH: Mill Creek Cattle Company (i know, the B and all, but i just got a grilled cheese) $20.00 - the food is cheap

COFFEE: Starbucks (I DO NOT support this particular Monopoly - they are the only American Company in New Zealand that DOES not support the local economy - all products are shipped in from the US.) BUT...2 Venti delicious drinks and a small hot chocolate - a lot left on that card.

ENTERTAINMENT: Best Buy - 4 DVD's purchased, about $0.30 left!

BASIC: Home Depot - Although Jason's brother and sister work at LOEW'S you got to go with what people hook you up with! Jason got work gloves and a hammer for under $50.00.

WEEKEND OUTING: Claim Jumpers Half of dinner for four paid for!

So thank you to my anonymous sponsors for making life a bit more comfortable!!

CYCLING: I only ride about 3 hours a week......

Now here's the real story. Hopefully my arch enemies stopped at the above line, thinking I am defeated, over weight and un-motivated. We have created a dynamic group of women riders that are becoming quite exciting. Besides talking about boys, food and sleep, we actually get some good riding in!

Saturdays ride took about 5 hours with Teri, Christie, Jill and myself. I saw some new turf and we all enjoyed the clean area and warm weather.

Sunday we added Toni to the mix and Jill rode elsewhere with husband Art. But we also collected 5 boys. They are scary sometimes, but they behaved very nicely. Vey polite and they even rode clean-up, incase someone at the end of the group needed to be "cleaned up" or scrapped off a rock or two.

Then to spin class this morning. This is the most daunting of my duties, ever. Rising at 4:30am is just not natural. But when i arrived, it ended up that i had 23 students! Pretty steller showing! I was so motived that i may have overworked myself, but in the end, tomorrow is a rest day.

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Christie said...

i laughed out loud at the "i only ride 3 hours a week" comment! That was a pretty funny discussion yesterday at the top of the climb.