Monday, January 23

Another Day Off

The children have been released from school for yet another holiday. This one is intitled "Semester Break" which means all the kids are just slacking off somewhere cool like Mammoth or Laguna, leaving us teachers here to slave away on our grades, where i try to recall to the best of my recollection of Suzie Q was actually in her PE uniform on November 16, who really knows.

Here is the much-awaited update on the Bulldogs girls basketball team We are sitting strong in 3rd place for league, boasting a 10-7 overall record, 3-2 in league. We had a devistating loss on Saturday night at the hands of 2005 league champs, Mesa Grande, located in the high caliber town of Calimesa (runner up, of course, is Mentone).


Is still my favorite dog, ever.


Yah right, this is all we got. The only excitement was Wednesday when it took 30 minutes to go 3 miles due to the ill-prepared CalTrans who left our roads without sand way too long. Result - Trash truck in the ditch, short school bus sideways in the road, one head on collision with both cars totalled, one PT cruiser in a tree and numerous other things sliding out of control. Pretty entertaining actually and it gave the very popular Forest Falls Fire Department the time to shine.


First off, they freak me out. Nobody introduced themselves, so I had no idea who these people were. I recognized Colleen from spin class after about 45 minutes and of course I had the usual wing-men of Christie, Jill and Bev. There were about 10 men and 11 women, pretty strong showing. Problem is, you never really know who is truly strong, just a "clydsdale" and ends up at the bottom of the hill first on the descent and last on the climb, who is rude and who hates young girls who decide to randomly show up for a Saturday morning ride. I found myself on the lower end of the age continuum which i soon realized was BAD, you always HAVE to respect the older female rider, they can throw down like none other. I have come to believe that the years of working, bearing and raising children and dealing with idiot men have molded these women into creatures that i not only idolize, but fear.

It ended up being a very splendid ride and the people were actually really cool, except for the guy who wouldnt even hold the door open for me at McDonalds (poty break SWEAR) or even look at me. I wanted to ask him "Hey, werent you just sucking my wheel for the last 45 minutes, at least you let ladies go first in that situation." But of course i just got out of the way.


I have kept this a secret for quite some time, as I do my ACTUAL training hours/workouts. I can not afford my arch-enemies the pleasure of knowing my weaknesses or strengths, but this one diserves discussion.

Since the week before Christmas i have had fantastic lower back pain. I attributed this to the longer rides, cold, not enough minerals in my diet etc. But now it has come to the point that a sneeze or cough and land me on the floor it hurts so bad. I also can not pick basketballs or other PE implements up off the floor, it is just too far away and i can't get there, so i usually kick it at some kid and make them carry them for me. But i got fed up, so Sunday instead of riding, i decided to go to a massage therapist.

Now at this establishment i had to be cleared by the overseeing Chiropractor before the massage, and OF COURSE i need to schedule an adjustment.

In I go for the massage. She was yawning the whole time, talking about her runny nose and how the picture on the wall makes her tired. She could not find a single knot on my body! She finally found ONE in my calf and proceeded to mutilate it. She then informed me that my right shoulder was higher than my left and that my spine was crooked. No its not! That is just called BAD POSTURE!!! She did find a gaggle of knots though, UNDER my scapula! She made me put my arm back as if i was going to be cuffed and proceeded to stick her little fingers under my shoulder blade. Thanx for that.

I signed up for an HOUR and when she found nothing, she cut me short at 40 minutes. Then when i signed out they only charged me for 30 minutes.Whatever. Are you supposed to TIP a massage lady? I went to a houty-touty one in the Napa Valley, and it was required. But i thought laundry quarters would be rude, and too much.

Speaking of laundry - i am headed out Hulda Crooks for some hill intervals and then over to the Mentone laundry mat, coolest place in town.

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JIll Moore said...

I too lost controlon schoolhouse hill that dreadful morning. A complete 360 and and a stop only feet from the pt cruiser. I remebered that you do not use the brakes in ice. Maybe I'll use my spike spiders next time.