Friday, November 18

Photo Op

This is Dozer as he is eating his blanket. Imagine that tongue sliding across your face mid-nap or running over your leg as you brush your teeth. Its pretty nasty, as are his farts

Sometimes, I lift weights.

I let 8th graders do my nails. Oops. Actually I quite like them. Quote from Jason: "I'm glad you did your nails, but from now on, professional, okay?"


grifsmum said...

nice nails...i actually do mine on purpose like that! hey you are HOT!


Cap'n said...

That should be Backbone's new ladies team nail design for all NCS races next year. I'll work on it...

Cap'n Chris

laura said...

Please wrap up your back and shoulders and arms and mail them to me COD. Lookin' good, Joy-bell!