Friday, November 4

What we do at School...sometimes...

Here are a few photos of what i do for work. It is usually quite entertaining! Between Dozer, jr. high kids and those crazy high schoolers, we seem to have a pretty good time.

Dozer being himself at home on the porch.

10/9th graders practicing their fire extinguisher skills. Safety first kids!

I'm 10th grade sponsor, so we build a killer sand castle for the contest on beach day. we won. duh.

6/7th grade girls taking some time out of PE to play with Dozer and his squeeky. 4th graders learning the ways of a fireman.

I hope you have enjoyed the brief tour of a few of the many things I do when I clock in. Pretty harmless, or so it may seem. These children can be vicious and cruel, yet, we always come back another day to play. I convinced some 6th grade pals today of the following curriculum changes: "first period: play. Second period: play. Third period: play. Lunch. Brief period where ONE thing is learned. Play some more." Unfortunately, one of the more "studious" teachers heard our evil plot, and well, it was squashed quite quickly. Maybe next week small ones!


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Dustin said...

Hey Duerkson! Thanks for the beach picture... I didn't go so I didn't get to see our castle. That looks awesome. anyways... bye

(this is Dustin, just to let you know)